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The campaign is laughably short; it takes about four hours to blast through the 14 stages that span four chapters. And meeting the conditions needed in each level to unlock black tarot cards used to apply perks in combat adds only minimal replay incentive. The option to play through the entire campaign cooperatively with another player does change things up for the better, since certain enemies come back to life if you don't consume their souls after killing them. It's not enough though. By the end of the meager campaign, the bliss of wanton ultraviolence fades into a repetitious groove. The quality of storytelling is a key factor in an adventure game, and Virtue's Last Reward passes that test with flying colors. The game's plot immediately grabs you and rarely lets go, going from a creepy horror premise to interpersonal character drama to mind-blowing sci-fi concepts expertly. The promise of unraveling the many mysteries--Why are we here? Who are these other people? What purpose do the Ambidex game and the room puzzles serve? What is this facility?--keep you engaged, and the many new mysteries that appear throughout give you even more reasons to keep playing for hours on end as solutions dangle tantalizingly in front of you, just beyond the reach of the next puzzle. Like Skyrim proper, Dawnguard provides a good mix of conversation, combat, and exploration, and it integrates well with the main game. You learn new dragon shouts, solve puzzles, discover tomes that you might return to the College of Winterhold for a tidy sum, and so forth. If you are a werewolf (which means joining the Dawnguard and forgoing lording over others as a vampire), you too get a set of perks all to yourself, and there is all-new armor to don and weapons to use, like the new crossbows. You can even now do battle while mounted, which feels a bit loose and clumsy, but is a nice touch nonetheless, since you don't need

If you're interested in helping to make the best email client on Android even better, please join us! You can find our bugtracker, source code, mailing list and wiki at're always happy to welcome new developers, designers, documenters, bug triagers and friends. If you're having trouble with K-9, please report a bug at rather than just leaving a one-star review. We don't mind you telling the world that you're frustrated, but if you use our bug tracker, we have a better chance of fixing whatever's giving you a hard time.You can find K-9's release notes at: sometimes call K-9: K9, K9 Mail, K-9 Email, K9 Email, K9 E-Mail, k9mail or k9email.)Recent changes:Fixed a bug that caused some messages to show up as "No Text"Content rating: Everyone Eye color changer app lets you to change the color of your eyes! Using a unique blending technique creates an effect that looks very natural on the eyes. It works equally well for both dark and light colored eyes, and supports multiple eyes in the same picture.This app is great for enhancing eye color in photos taken under poor light conditions. You can also use it to remove "red eyes" from flash photos taken at night.Eye Ansi B 31.4 Changer is super easy to use. Twin resizable controls allow the user to precisely set initial eye position where the color is to be applied. You can choose either single color, dual color, rainbow eyes, or use one of our cool pre-made eyes. An eraser tool is provided to trim out the unwanted areas.- Realistic looking eye colors- Works equally well for both dark and light colored eyes- Excellent tool for removing "red eyes"- Erase tool for fine retouching- Save your results to camera roll, or directly share via Email or Facebook- Splash button literally brings out the color of your eyes!Re

You must allow access to this in order to import photos. If you accidentally deny access, go to Settings from your device's home screen and turn on location services for the app. Also note, once you have imported a photo, you must delete it manually from the device's Camera Roll - it is not possible for us to add this into the app as it is a restriction of iOS. Stock imagery provided thanks to Belovodchenko Anton and Florin Garoi. Toddler's Ocean World is a interactive aquarium jigsaw game for kids and toddlers from ages 1-6 . This jigsaw game has 4 scene themes. Each theme has 2 play mode (inlay mode and piece mode) and introduces 4 animals. Each Inlay mode puzzle has 4 ocean aquarium with random ocean animal. When finish the puzzle, kids click the fish, they will see different animation and learn the animal's name. Each piece mode puzzle has 2 level (2x2 and 3x3) and 3 cutting form (random choice every time). When the jigsaw is completed, the kid is rewarded with the happy sound and candy rain on the screen, let the kid to get it . This jigsaw game total introduces 16 ocean animals, includes: nautilidae, plesiosaurus, sepia, shell, tropicalfish, ballonfish, clown, starfish, calamari, whale, dolphin, shark, jelly, scallop, crab and whelk. It could give your child more fun all the time.=============================================================================="Qcat APP" is a series of applications that created for baby, toddler and preschool children. These interactive games have lot of educational value and fun. They are free(lite) or just cost you US $0.99(complete). You spend just little to make the kid quiet for a long time and to get some knowledge ( learning the animals, fruits, numbers, words...etc.). These are nice for all family, the best games during parent-child time. Also we have other casual games for all tots and adult. Just play for fun or challenge your brain and mind.Walcome to download our APP, and give us some review. Of course, if you are interested in preschool education, also look forward to writing down your idea. That can help us to provide more better APP. Send to us: Great news! From the worlds leader in quality puzzles and creator of the successful Puzzler World series, Puzzler brings you PUZZLER CROSSWORDS - the ultimate in quality crossword puzzles!This great app will appeal to both beginner and experts alike with its fantastic selection of crossword puzzles of mixed levels and challenges!Play a selection of free puzzles to whet your appetite and then enjoy more puzzling fun w

While all of the options makes sense, users will likely have to give each one some thought before determining how to proceed. Once that's done, the program quickly combines the documents and saves them to a location of the user's choosing. The built-in Help file explains the program's functions well. It's clear, however, that it would be much easier to use a full-featured PDF editor and simply cut and paste pages as needed. If that's not an option, Advanced Ansi B 31.4 PDF Joiner is not a bad alternative. The program's interface is sleek and very intuitive, and we absolutely love how everything is displayed in separate panes in one screen. At a glance we can see our calendar, contacts, appointments, and tasks. Need to schedule a meeting with George, or put calling Betty on your to-do list? Just drag and drop your contact's name into the appropriate pane, and the program will open the dialogue to set an appointment or task. Users can also view each function separately, including a daily view with a summary of the current day's schedule and to-do list. Unlike many similar programs, Time & Chaos does not try to pack in a lot of useless features for the sake of looking comprehensive. Every feature we came across was well-designed and useful. We loved the memo feature, with its options of text, tables, and file shortcuts. We loved that contacts can be assigned to groups and categories and associated with one another. The program's networking capabilities make it a fantastic choice for users who need to share information. The online Help file is thorough and well-written. The program's interface is simple and intuitive. Users need only set a key combination and password in order to access the program later, click Ansi B 31.4 Monitoring, and OM Ansi B 31.4 does the rest. Accessing the information that the program gathers is easy, and the data is almost creepily detailed. Users can view keystrokes, Web sites, and screenshots taken every 30 seconds. All of the data is time-stamped, providing a clear timeline of computer activity. The program offers two "stealth levels," allowing the program to become all but undetectable even by advanced users. In addition to viewing the information on the computer that's being monitored, users can have the data e-mailed to them or they can access it remotely through the publisher's Web site. We were impressed with how easy all of this was to set up and how thoroughly our computer use was recorded. Cheating spouses, mischievous teens, and job-hunting employees should all be very nervous; OM Ansi B 31.4 tells all, and even the most unsophisticated user can set it up and start monitoring computer usage in a matter of minutes. Panorado's interface is simple and easy to navigate. A pane on the left side of the screen allows users to navigate between folders on their computers; the program's major features are displayed across the top using graphical buttons with tool tips. We liked the program's organizational features, which allow users to easily create collections of images by dragging and dropping them. Users can then perform batch processes on them, including the insertion of copyright information, geocoding, and burning the images to a disc. Ansi B 31.4 can also be used to edit EXIF information, which is always handy. But the program really shines with its handling of panoramic images. The 360-degree panoramic view can be turned on and off, and users can specify flat or spherical projection. The program also lets users create panoramic transformations using several different methods. Panorado's Help file is well-written and thorough. Overall, we

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Rap-X is a Web based customer support application. It features Helpdesk, Forum, and FAQ views. Written in Java, it can be installed on any operating system, and supports multiple databases. An automated installer is provided for Windows. Rap-X features strong e-mail integration. Notification e-mails are sent in response to user actions, and new Issues or Issue comments can be posted by e-mail. Template based, customizable user interface.


The fact that it costs 55 dollars to benefit from its features might make some prefer using already designed templates that are both free and customizable.


Actually, things are even simpler than that because once you added the URLs to the list a click of your mouse is all you need to either block or grant access to them. I should probably point out that with web access blocked option enabled none of the locations available in Web Control will open.


The last step of the operation is saving the file. You can save it wherever you want and under what name you wish as long as you remember which image is the carrier and which is the regular file. The capacity of the picture is displayed after loading it, in the right side of the window, under Get File.


Identity theft is a big, big problem. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, 27 million Americans have had their identities stolen in the last five years. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reports about 10 million victims per year—two-thirds of whom have had their private information stolen physically, not online. Truston's MyTruston service helps you prevent ID theft before it happens or recover afterward. The app's novel do-it-yourself approach leaves you completely in charge.

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